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Choosing The Right Shampoo

Shampoos can be confusing. Curling, hydrating, moisturizing, strengthening, volumizing. With so many different names and labels, it can be hard to find the best shampoo for your hair. How do you match the type with the hair on your head?

A good quality shampoo cleans your hair and scalp of dust, grime and oil. It is advisable to learn about the different types of shampoos, so that you can make an informed choice.

Different shampoos are available for different types of hair. Before you make a choice, you need to know how it is related to your hair and scalp, what it does and how to use it.

Balancing Shampoo

These shampoos don’t have much moisturizing and will not dry hair out. They are great for cleansing hair and maintaining moisture.

Curly Hair Shampoo

Shampoos are specially formulated for curly hair to gently cleanse the hair and not weigh down the curls. They are extra moisturizing to help reduce frizz.

Hydrating and Moisturizing Shampoo

Good for coarse, curly and thick hair. They are great for adding smoothness, shine and moisture to your hair. As they are usually gentle you can choose to use them every day to make your hair look silky.

Fortifying and Strengthening Shampoo

Good for brittle, weak and damaged hair. These shampoos contain extra protein. This improves the health and condition of your hair. They produce volume and are gentle enough to use on damaged hair.

Straight Hair and Smoothing Shampoo

 The extra moisturizer in the shampoo smooths and seals the cuticle. This is great for smooth and straight hair. They reduce unwanted frizz and create a smooth surface.

Volumizing Shampoo

Good choice for fine and limp hair. They can provide a lift and boost to your hair so that you can style it any way you want. The shampoo is formulated for fine hair and provides moisture without weighing the hair down.


Always remember to choose a shampoo based on your scalp condition and not your hair. Conditioners can be used to treat and pamper hair. If you have an oily scalp, you need to choose a shampoo that is best for oily scalp. Proper cleansing begins with treating the oily condition of your scalp.

Shampoo for Oily Scalp

People with oily scalp are most likely to have tried different types of shampoos with little luck to control oil and sebum production. If your scalp is oily you need to avoid shampoos that are good for curly hair. This means moisturizing, hydrating and smoothing shampoos are not the ideal choice, as they add too much moisture.

Balancing, strengthening and volumizing are good choices as they are less moisturizing. This is effective in removing excess oil. If your scalp is super oily you can choose a clarifying shampoo.

The shampoo that you choose for your scalp needs to be color safe. Spend extra time working the shampoo into the scalp so that you can remove the excess oil. Avoid using conditioner after shampooing.

Shampoo for Dry Scalp

If the scalp is itchy, dry or flaky, you need to choose a shampoo that doesn’t add to the problem. Fortifying, strengthening and volumizing shampoos need to be avoided, as they can reduce the moisture in the scalp.

If the scalp is dry with no flake or little itching, you need to choose a shampoo that promotes hydration and moisture. Shampoos that contain sulfate need to be avoided as they can dry the scalp. Read the label before making the choice.

You will be surprised to learn that most women and men don’t shampoo their hair properly. They tend to rush through the process and this results in an unclean scalp. It is advisable to spend time to shampoo the hair properly so that you can effectively remove dirt and excess oil from the scalp.

Choose the shampoo according to the frequency it is used. If you intend to use it daily, it needs to be light. If you choose to use it once or twice a week, it can be stronger in nature. It is best to choose shampoos that have natural products instead of harsh chemicals. They can help cleanse the hair and scalp without causing any damage to it.

Nail Care – Different Types of Manicures

If you want your hands looking and feeling fantastic, it’s time to schedule an appointment at the nail salon. If you never had a manicure before, you could get confused with the different types of manicures offered at salons. Learning about the different types can help you decide what suits you best.

Basic Manicure

If you are new to receiving manicures, start with a basic manicure with no extras. The nail technician starts by applying cream or lotion or oil on the cuticles.

Your hands are then placed into a bowl of warm water for at least five minutes to soak. The soaking process soothes the cuticles and softens up dead skin cells. The nail technician then cleans the finger nails and you can choose the shape and length you prefer. You can choose oval, square or any other shape of your choice.

The nails are then defined. Next it is time for a gentle finger massage. The fingernails get coated with a polish of your choice. The nail technician applies a base coat. Two coats of colored polish applied on top of the base coat. The technician places the hand under a nail dryer to speed up the drying process.

French Manicure

The French manicure is a classic and guaranteed to give you clean and gorgeous looking hands. The technician applies a clear pale pink or a beige polish over the nails. White polish applied along the tip. The stylish look is perfect for all types of occasions.

Reverse French Manicure

This is the reverse of the French manicure where the moon of the nail painted in white and the rest done in a darker shade. The other option involves switching up the colors with all white nail and a strip of color along the tip.

The popular shades for this look during fall and winter are black and wine and during spring and summer it is pink and yellow.

American Manicure

This manicure is similar to the French but the color and shape of the nails differ. In this style the tips are sometimes rounded. Off white or neutral colors used on the tip instead of bright whites used in French manicure. Place glitter polish to make it look modern and stylish.

Paraffin Manicure

If you have dry or overworked hands, paraffin manicure can do wonders to it. Paraffin wax infuses the skin with moisture and this leaves it smooth and soft.

This manicure includes a stimulating hand massage and a basic manicure polish look. For extra moisturizing benefits some of the paraffin manicure treatments include oils like grape seed.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicure is a great option if you want something long lasting for your beautiful hands. After the basic manicure the nail technician applies a special polish on the nails. Curing under a UV light done for the polish to last longer. The nails are less prone to chipping and look beautiful.

Shellac Manicure

The nail technician cleans, fills and shapes the natural nails. A base coat is applied. This is followed with a coat of shellac nail polish. A top coat is then applied. A dryer is used to cure between all the steps. This popular type of manicure lasts for at least two weeks and is resistant to chipping. The nails get stronger with this manicure.

Hot Stone Manicure

If you want to pamper your nails, you can consider this manicure. The indulgent treatment includes all the basic manicure processes in addition to the use of heated stones. The heated stones are placed over the hands to provide comfort.

Mirror Manicure

If you want to make a statement with your nails, you can opt for mirror manicure. Each nail is cleaned and shaped and a coat of black polish is then applied. The technician cures and buffs the process.

Top coat is then applied and cured. Mirror powder is put on top of it. A top coat is applied again. The look is then completed with a gel top coat to create the shiny mirror look.

A good manicure can relax and soothe your tired hands. They can also help keep your hands looking young. Now that you know the different types of manicure, experiment with new looks and styles.

Salon Services for Kids

Who says haircuts can’t be fun and salon services are only for adults. The best salons love to work with kids under 12 accompanied by an adult. The fun begins the moment the child enters the salon.

Your child will experience a world specifically designed for them. The salon decoration is done keeping the needs of the children in mind. This means fun shaped salon chairs with cartoon characters and animals displayed on them.

Toys, puzzles and game sets keep the children busy as they wait for their appointment. The salon offers services that can make your child feel and look good at all times.

First Hair Cut


Getting a hair cut is a new experience for kids and parents need to prepare them for this fun experience. Bring your child with you to the salon for your hair cut appointment, so that they become aware of what to expect.

Schedule an appointment at a time that is good for your child. At the salon children can sit in styling chairs that are specially designed for them.

The best salons have stylists trained to cater to children. Kids tend to move a lot and can become impatient sitting in one place. The stylists know all tricks to keep the kids entertained and safe. Make the first hair cut moment memorable with a photo. No longer is getting your kids hair cut a chore.

Nail Care – Manicures and Pedicures

Hands and feet of your young ones need pampering to stay soft and supple. The manicure and pedicure are a fun experience that can make your child feel like a star.

The stylist soaks your child’s hands and feet in bubbly warm water and then carefully polishes and shapes their nails. The nail technician then applies polish to the beautiful little fingers and toes. Your princess can choose the polish color of her choice. This can ensure that your little princess walks away feeling and looking her best.

Skin Care

Teaching your child to take care of their skin is important. One way to ensure that your child has good skin is to treat them to an organic facial. It is important to remember that not every kid’s skin is the same and you need to choose a skin care treatment that is best suited for your little angel.

The skin care routine changes the way the skin looks and feels. The gentle organic treatment of the skin will revitalize it. Children have delicate skin and the products that are used to care for their skin need to be natural and organic, so that they don’t cause any kind of harm.

Mini Makeover

Do you want your girls to have an awesome experience? Girls can have their hair, nails and makeup done at the salon for a party or birthday celebration. The makeovers are perfect for any special event. Your princess and her BFF can get ready for their special day together. Let your daughter and her friend choose a theme for the makeover.

Hair Cut and Styling

Your child can choose any type of hair cut and styling and our experienced stylists will ensure that their dreams come true. Most kids love to experiment with different types of cuts and the stylist will wash and cut the hair as specified. Kids get to customize their haircut and they will love the experience.

Removing Tangles

Dealing with tangles of your child can be a frustrating experience for most parents as well as kids. The stylist at the salon use good detanglers to get rid of the tangle. This can help in combing the hair in any style you want.

The kid friendly staff are trained to provide hair, skin and other salon services for children of all ages accompanied with their parents. The top-quality services are designed to fit the specific needs of the children. The comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is designed to make the children feel special and enjoy every moment at the salon.

Everyone deserves a little fun and sparkle. The services for kids at the salon will make them feel special. Get your child pampered for something special or just for fun. Schedule an appointment today and let the fun start.

Hair Treatment

Is your hair damaged? If you want lustrous and healthy hair, you need to pamper and treat it properly. Most often we tend to forget about our hair as we subject it to dyeing, styling and chemical laden products.
There are a million different ways that can damage our healthy and shiny hair, whether it is being out in the sun unprotected or going for your weekly swim. With so many hair treatments out there, it is hard to say which one works its magic and is worth your time, money and effort and which ones don’t.
Before you get to fixing the problem, you need to know what causes damage to your hair. Bleaching, coloring, perming, over shampooing, over brushing, use of blow dryers and curling irons and use of wrong products are not good for your hair.

Identify and Repair Damaged Hair

Rough texture, split ends, extreme breakage, lack of moisture and too many tangles are the most common signs of damaged hair. It is important that you identify these signs early and start the process of repairing your hair. With the right care, you can nourish your hair to good health.

Trim Damaged Hair Ends
Before you start working on restoring your hair, it is best to trim damaged hair ends. You will be surprised to know that sometimes a simple trim can help start the repair process. A simple trim with layers can help get rid of the damage.

Avoid Using Chemical Laden Products and Hair Color
Hair products with chemicals are your worst enemy, especially if the hair is already damaged. Avoid using chemical treatments until your hair has recovered. Hair color and harsh bleaches can stress hair and cause considerable damage to it. Ask your stylist to use ammonia free hair color for dyeing and coloring.

Use Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner
Use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for damaged hair. Shampoos with natural oils can help repair damaged hair. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain sodium. Don’t shampoo too frequently and look for a gentle shampoo that is free of sulfate and has a pH level of 4.5 – 5.5.

Avoid Hot Styling Tools
Blow dryers and curling irons can damage hair. The heat from the styling tools can cause considerable damage to your hair. If you do need to use the styling tools, prepare your hair with proper conditioner and protective spray.

Always Protect Your Hair
Protect hair from sun, rain and wind. Exposure to sun, dirt, pollution and heat can damage hair. Cover your hair to protect it from the harsh weather and other pollutants. Give your hair hydrating treatment if you had spent a lot of time in the sun.

Use Natural Styling Products
Check the labels before you buy styling products. Hair products with high levels of peroxide are best avoided. Choose products that are gentle and have natural ingredients. Keep hairstyles simple and stick to those that don’t require a lot of care. When brushing use a detangling spray to avoid damage.

Treatment Masks for Damaged Hair
Hydrating treatment helps in restoring damaged hair. Use the treatment twice a week for quick hydration. Oil treatments also help fix hair damage. Proper use of these treatments can help restore your hair to its shiny and glorious state.


Healthy Living and Eating

Healthy living and eating habits reflect on your hair. When you eat food with vitamins and essential nutrients, you nourish hair from the inside of your body. A good diet promotes healthy hair growth and strengthens it from the inside.
There are plenty of home remedies that can nourish, strengthen and rejuvenate your hair but if there is substantial damage to your hair, it is best to see a hair professional.
The stylists diagnose the hair damage (breakage, color damage, dryness), so that suitable treatments are provided. Stylists can evaluate your hair needs and treat the damage with precision using equipment and formulas that last long time. The many hair treatments keep the hair strong and healthy from the inside out.

Don’t give up on damaged hair. Treating damaged hair is something that doesn’t happen overnight but with a little extra care you will be able to have naturally rich and shiny hair.

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