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In today’s competitive world, your image means more than ever. For both men and women, looking your best gives you the confidence you need in any situation. At Ultimate Image, we specialize in helping you find the image that’s right for you. Because our services are individual and customized for each client, we will ask questions about your lifestyle and preferences. The better we know you, the more comfortable you’ll be with the results. Sit back, enjoy a complimentary snack and beverage, and prepare to be indulged.

We want you to have fun!
We’re friendly, accessible and eager to help you create your Ultimate Image!

Ultimate Image is Now an Official Registered and Certified CND Salon...
Ultimate Image is Salon CND Certified...
What does that mean?
As nail professionals and customers can attest, all nail services are not created equal! Factors include the skill and proper training of the nail professional and the quality of the products used. CND nail care products are one-of-a-kind products that are easy, and have a non-damaging removal process that sets it apart from copycat products on the market. CND nail care products come off quickly and easily without damage to the natural nail when used professionally. But, what happens when clients ask for CND products or service but receive something completely different (although they may be told it's Shellac)? Unfortunately, too often women unintentionally get a gel-polish or a Shellac pretend service which ruins their nails when trying to remove it. So, to solve this problem, salon clients around the U.S. will soon be assured that the CND services they receive have CND's official seal of approval.
Salon Certification Program.
Spoil Me ... $29.95
Mini Mani and Mini Pedi

Princess for the Day ... $39.95
Fun updo - Mini Mani and Mini Pedi

Sassy Sweet
Consultation - Shampoo - Conditioner (age 3-5) ... $19.95
Haircut with Blowout or Braid (age 6-12) ... $24.95

Make Me Over Experience ... $49.95
Haircut - Blowout - Braid
Mini Mani and Mini Pedi

Me + My BFF (for 2 only) ... $69.90
Fun updo - Mini Mani and Mini Pedi

Great gifts for any special occasion
All A's on report card - Birthday - Flower Girl
First Holy Communion - Dance Recital
As anyone who’s suffered through “bad hair days” knows, when your hair isn’t right, nothing feels right! Achieving the perfect cut boosts your confidence and your image. At your U.I. Salon & Spa, we’ll analyze your bone structure, hair texture and lifestyle to design a cut and style that is uniquely yours. Your U.I. Salon & Spa designer is specially trained to express your individuality and compliment your total look, as well as your personal needs. The design team at Ultimate Image is known for their hair color techniques and color correction expertise.
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Our state-of-the-art body treatments will help to relax and revitalize your body, skin, and psyche. A remedy for today’s hectic pace, U.I. Salon & Spa’s body therapies restore balance and well-being to help restore a positive, healthy body image. Combine the benefits of our body services into your skin care routine and see for yourself the dramatic change in how
your skin looks and feels.
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We’ll create your most flattering look using your best colors.
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CND Certified - content coming soon....

Professionally manicured nails add the finishing touch to a “polished” image. Our treatments will nourish and repair hands, as well as strengthen nails. A weekly manicure will keep your hands looking youthful and well cared for.

Experience the professional salon pedicure at Ultimate Image Salon & Spa. Enjoy relaxation with leg and feet massage with pedicure treatment.
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Research has proven that wellness is holistic. The U.I. Salon & Spa is the perfect place to repair and rejuvenate your mind and spirit, as well as your body. It’s hard to find time to slow down and relax, and that’s what our spa is all about.
Escape from your hectic schedule and take some time to reward yourself for all you do in our soothing, private atmosphere filled with soft music and scented candles.
Place yourself in the capable hands of our spa professionals, and you’ll leave renewed and refreshed. Once you begin to invest in your well-being, you’ll realize benefits that are immeasurable.
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Massage is known to expel nervous and muscular tensions,
reduce daily stress and help you face the world in a positive way. Massage is much more than a luxury therapy that makes you feel good. An increasing number of research studies show it also reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, and increases endorphins. Regular massage promotes higher energy levels, enhances your ability to manage stress, improves memory, helps you sleep more soundly, reduces mood swings and strengthens immune function!
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Ultimate Image Salon & Spa offers a great variety of wigs and hair extensions.
Price quoted at time of consultation.
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Our unique salon and spa gift packages make excellent gifts for that special man or woman in your life. Select from one of the following packages, or call us and we’ll help you create your own package from any of our services.
A U.I. Salon & Spa gift package is perfect for any occasion, and will leave a lasting impression on that very important person who means so much to you.
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Buy 3 of the same services and get one free!
Facial . Massage . Manicure . Pedicure
*stipulations may apply
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