Foot Detailing

Feet deserve to be beautiful too! Our pedicures are a luxurious, affordable and efficient way to make your feet look even more beautiful than they already are. Whether you are looking to get pampered or preparing for a night out, a pedicure is the perfect way to compliment that new hairstyle or outfit you just bought.  A pedicure will bring back that youthful look to your feet, while getting rid of dead skin. The best thing about a pedicure is that the results are noticeable as soon as it's done! There's no one more passionate and dedicated then us when it comes to making your feet beautiful. Don't believe us? Book an appointment and discover truth in beauty.

Ultimate Image offers pedicures that will give you healthy, and of course, beautiful looking feet. First we begin by soaking your feet in warm mineral water, which is then followed by a foot massage with lotion and various oils. Which is finally followed by that pedicure you've been dying for. But wait, good news!  In addition to making your feet look amazing, you'll also feel amazing! Because while a pedicures does make your feet look great, it will also improve your health by relieving stress, tension and increasing blood circulation from your calves and feet. Come see us and treat yourself, and not to mention, your feet!




Pedicure .................................................  $39 & up

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