Paraffin Hand Treatment

Paraffin Hand Treatment

If you're looking for a natural, yet affordable and effective way to give yourself callous-free hands & feet, soft hands or feet, Then our specialty paraffin hand treatment is just what you're looking for. We submerge your hands or feet in warm oil based wax and cover the wet areas with towels, which allows the wax to harden onto your skin, opening your pores. When the paraffin wax has completely hardened, we remove it, which also removes dead, dry skin, giving you a groomed soft finish. We recommend complimenting a manicure with  a paraffin  treatment to make your hands look and feel healthy and smooth.

Our paraffin hand treatment soothes and softens the skin, making your hands highly attractive. But there's more to a paraffin treatment than meets the eye, literally. Recent studies have proven that paraffin treatments have several therapeutic benefits. Paraffin can be used to relieve stress or treat chronic conditions like arthritis by increasing blood flow and relaxing the muscles. The heat from the paraffin is similar to that of a hot shower and provides you with a comfortable and relaxing feeling. Book an appointment now and experience our calm, stress relieving  paraffin hand treatment.




Paraffin Hand Treatment .................................................  $10

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