As anyone who's suffered through "bad hair days" Knows, when your hair isn't right, nothing feels right! Achieving the perfect cut boosts your confidence and your image. At your Ultimate Image Salon & Day Spa, we'll analyze your bone structure, hair texture, and lifestyle to design a cut and style that is uniquely yours. Your Ultimate Image Salon & Day Spa designer is specially trained to express your individuality and complement your total look, as well as your personal needs.

In today's competitive world, your image means more than ever. For both men and women, Looking your best gives you the confidence you need in any situation. At Ultimate Image, we specialize in helping you find the image that's right for you. Because our services are individualized and customized for each client, we will ask questions about your lifestyle and preferences. The better we know you, the more comfortable you'll be with the results. Sit back, enjoy a complimentary snack and beverage, and prepare to be indulged. We want you to have fun! We're friendly, accessible and eager to help you create your Ultimate Image!

Hair Cutting & Design

When it comes to hair cutting & design, our philosophy is simple, yet fabulous. We believe that hair is a manifestation of your beauty, and that true beauty is perfection. You'll understand the difference between us and other salons as you enter our comfortable environment


The color of your hair is key to your overall image. Even the smallest change to the color of your hair can impact the way people in your everyday life perceive you. We offer you a variety of techniques and options to choose from ...


At Ultimate Image salon, we know that there is a huge difference between when a customer gets a haircut versus a new hairstyle. Your hairstyle expresses your personality.

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Nobody wants dehydrated hair or a dry scalp! Ultimate Image Salon offers professional shampoo services using high quality shampoo designed to rejuvenate, reinvigorate and rehydrate your hair and scalp,


Bridal styling is one of our cherished specialty services. We offer affordable and professional services for brides, bridesmaids and even moms too! It would be our pleasure to help make your wedding one of the greatest days of your entire life.


As a Redken Elite Salon, we carry only the best hair care and hair color provided by Redken and its sister company, Pureology. Both of these hair care lines offer excellent color care shampoos, conditioners and styling products.


Pureology products are highly concentrated and all natural. They are also 100% vegan, using all natural ingredients from plants, no animal testing and no animal by-products! In addition to being sulfate free, Pureology is also paraben, silicone, and alcohol-free.


Offers Level of Pricing Based On Education & Experience

Stylist Level New Talent Stylist Level-1 Stylist Level-2 Stylist Level-3 Stylist Level-4A Stylist Level-4AA Stylist
Women's Cut & Style $34 $39 $49 $54 $59 $65
Men's Cut $29 $32 $37 $38 $47 $51
Wash & Style $22 $24 $29 $30 $32 $39
Color Single Process $51 $51 $61 $61 $66 $71
Chromatic Single Process $61 $61 $66 $71 $76 $81
Foil & Special Effects $76 $76 $81 $86 $96 $101
Perms $75 $75 $85 $85 $95 $100

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Ultimate Image Salon & Spa