Bridal Styling

Bridal Styling

Bride and bridal party styling is our speciality. We guarantee your comfort with a design created just for you and the way you always dreamed of. Hair ornaments and nails can also be applied before you leave the salon. you can also book a consultation to describe your needs, to complete your look. Allow our makeup artists to enhance your attire and hair design.

Bridal styling is one of our cherished specialty services. We offer affordable and professional services for brides,  bridesmaids, and even moms too! It would be our pleasure to help make your wedding one of the greatest days of your entire life. If you come to Ultimate Image Salon for your bridal needs, you will look the way you have always dreamed of looking on your special day, perfect.

When it comes to bridal styling, we provide professional service while at the same time making all of your worries disappear.  We know that the bridal process is complicated enough as it is, so our bridal styling service is designed to be as accommodating and stress-free as possible. Our specialized bridal styling team will work closely with you to make sure that you look the way you've always dreamed you would on your wedding day. You can trust our team of creative and experienced professional bridal stylists to tend to all your bridal styling needs, from makeup to hair. Let us make YOUR wedding day fantasy a reality, book your consultation today!


Up Styles ......................................................  $55.00 & up
Bridal Styling .................................................  $55.00 & up


Be comfortable, confident and beautiful in your personal makeup style. We promise to provide products that perform. Mirabella is a curated collection of beauty products...the best of the best. No fillers or substitutes.


Offers Level of Pricing Based On Education & Experience

Stylist Level New Talent Stylist Level-1 Stylist Level-2 Stylist Level-3 Stylist Level-4A Stylist Level-4AA Stylist
Women's Cut & Style $34 $39 $49 $54 $59 $65
Men's Cut $29 $32 $37 $38 $47 $51
Wash & Style $22 $24 $29 $30 $32 $39
Color Single Process $51 $51 $61 $61 $66 $71
Chromatic Single Process $61 $61 $66 $71 $76 $81
Foil & Special Effects $76 $76 $81 $86 $96 $101
Perms $75 $75 $85 $85 $95 $100

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