A manicure will add the finishing touch to your fashion statement, everyone notices beautifully manicured nails. When it comes to beautiful nails, there's no other natural remedy as effective as a manicure.Your nails will be properly shaped, cuticles and hands softened. We also offer nail color that will last for 2 weeks without chipping. You can also add a paraffin treatment to your relaxing manicure.

We believe that nails are more than just nails, but a personal accessory that must be finely groomed. Our nail salon is the perfect escape to do some female bonding or just be alone with your thoughts. You can trust our nail technicians to professionally perform an important part of your grooming while you relax!

Our manicures are a luxurious and affordable way to make yourself look beautiful. It's the perfect, natural way to bring back a youthful look to the hands while eradicating signs of premature aging. The results of our manicures are immediate and noticeable. Whether you are looking to get pampered or preparing for a night out, our experienced nail technicians would be more than happy to accommodate all your nail needs

Level 3

Manicure $27, Shellac Manicure $37, Spa Manicure $37, French Manicure $32, Refill $37, Pink & White Refill $47, Refill w/ Shellac $47, Repair $5, Pedicure $49, Mini Pedi $34, Spa Pedicure $59, Full Set $71, Full Set Pink & White $75.

Level 1

Manicure $25, Gel Manicure $35, Spa Manicure $33, French Manicure $28,  Pedicure $45, Mini Pedi $30, Spa Pedicure $55.

New Talent

Manicure $19, Gel Manicure $29, Spa Manicure $29, French Manicure $24,  Pedicure $41, Mini Pedi $29, Spa Pedicure $51.

Spa Manicure

The spa manicure includes a cuticle treatment with filing and shaping of the nails. The customized service is finished off with a polish. With the care of our talented nail designers, your hands will feel both beautiful and rejuvenated. We pay attention to detail and ensure that you will love your spa experience.

Give your hard-working hands a manicure to relieve stress. Restore dry and weathered skin with essential oils. The nail and cuticles are shaped and polished to perfection by our experts. The therapeutic manicure has been designed to relive tired and overworked hands. Our services are designed to help you look your best.


Spa Manicure .................................................  $32 & up

Spa Manicure
Shellac Gel Manicure

Shellac Gel Manicure

The Shellac gel manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle care and polish of your choice. Our professionals can help you discover endless possibilities to create stunning fashion trends and nail enhancements. Schedule a shellac gel manicure for a luxurious experience.


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